Invest in Real Estate With Your IRA

When it comes to growing your wealth, investing in real estate is a great way to expand your portfolio and generate revenue in real time. There are a number of interesting and unique ways to invest in the North Carolina and Southern Virginia real estate market, but we want to focus on one specific method today: using your IRA to invest.

It’s no secret that an IRA is a wonderful retirement account. And, if you’re hoping to build up your funds for retirement, using your self-directed IRA to invest in real estate comes with many advantages.

Why Should I Use My IRA To Invest?

There are a number of unique tax benefits to using your self-directed IRA funds to invest in real estate. One catch is that the property you invest in with your IRA must be used for business (as in you can’t buy a second property or vacation property). But this is still a great opportunity to generate revenue! Buying a property outright with your IRA funds will allow you to generate money and build equity in that property. To use your IRA to invest, you’ll have to adhere to some rules and regulations.

Here’s What Dave Ramsey Has to Say

Ready to Build Your Wealth? 

I’m here to help. I can guide you through a successful real estate transaction in the North Carolina or Southern Virginia area. Whether you’re hoping to find a fixer upper, want to rent out a property for the long term, or are simply looking for the perfect rural property in North Carolina or Southern Virginia, I’ve got your back. Let’s achieve a successful transaction today!