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Davie County

Welcome to Davie County

Welcome to North Carolina’s Davie County! This spot has a harmonious blend of rural NC charm paired with a fast-paced city life. Home to over 42,456 people and counting, this rapidly growing area is the perfect spot for those who want a quiet atmosphere paired with metropolitan opportunities.

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Why Do Residents Choose Davie County?


Parks & Recreation

A Parks and Rec team is instrumental in community development, and Davie County is proud to be served by the Davie County Recreation and Parks (DCRP) team. With countless facilities, programming, and special events, Davie County truly provides an engaging and vibrant lifestyle.

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Since 1975, the Davie County Arts Council has been proud to connect people to the arts. For over 40 years, they have been a force of enrichment, discovery, and appreciation within this area. With countless community events, artwork, and community theatre, this truly is a gem of Davie County.

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Public Schools

Davie County Schools is dedicated to engage, equip, and empower its students. During the 2017-2018 school year, Davie County Schools was awarded the $50,000 in a Digital Learning Initiative to increase success in math, reading, and science. In Davie County, you can be sure that the students are granted countless opportunities to succeed and grow.

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Central Location

Davie County is located in the heart of North Carolina, and that grants many residents the opportunity to thrive and grow. Its central location makes taking trips to the coast or mountains as easy as can be. There’s also plenty of fun things to do right within the Davie County borders!

Davie County at a Glance

Travel & Commute

Winston-Salem, NC: 30 mins (25 miles)
Greensboro, NC: 50 mins (53 miles)
Piedmont Triad Airport: 45 minutes (46 miles)

Quick Facts

Population: 42,456
Average Home Price: $169,700

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