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Carroll County

Welcome to Carroll County

Welcome to Carroll County! This Mason-Dixon county is a rural area that is filled with lots of beauty. This is the perfect spot for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan lifestyle. While still convenient to places like D.C. and Baltimore, Carroll County is a great little community with local events, beautiful scenery, and amazing shopping and dining opportunities.

Country Homes (1-10 Acres)



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Why Do Residents Choose Carroll County?


Parks & Recreation

Carroll County is known for its preservation of natural beauty, and that is in great part due to their Parks and Recreation team. Many people love visiting the Community Pond to visit the geese, ducks, and even enjoy the accessible playground designed for children of all abilities!

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While Carroll is a remote community, there’s rarely a dull moment within its borders. Many people can enjoy fun community events, a wine trail, fun and accessible parks, a bike trail, horseback riding, and delicious local restaurants. In Carroll, you can trust that you’ll rarely be bored.

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Public Schools

Served by the Carroll County Public Schools district, educators are dedicated to ensuring that all their students have all the opportunities they need to succeed. With programs like Project Graduation, Early College Scholars, and Path to Industry Certification, students can truly forge their future in CCPS.

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Central Location

Location, location, location. It means a lot when finding the right property for you. Carroll County is proud to be a rural community convenient to metropolitan opportunities. Whether you spend the day visiting local shops and restaurants or traveling to D.C. you can stay connected to it all in Carroll.

Carroll County at a Glance

Travel & Commute

Floyd, VA: 48 mins (35.5 miles)
Mt Airy, NC: 26 mins (16.8 miles)
Twin County Airport: 17 minutes (11.1 miles)

Quick Facts

Population: 19,708
Average Home Price: $107,300

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